House Brands

Carne Meats by Indoguna

The difference is all in the taste – you’ll know the minute you take a bite of the premium sausages, patties and deli selection from Carne Meats. Each one is a handcrafted work of art that has been painstakingly prepared from the freshest ingredients, chosen by our Master Butcher.

Bursting with flavour, made from the highest quality and 100 percent natural. There’s nothing that we take more pride in than bringing you the best.

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Ocean Gems by Indoguna

Take a deep breath and you can probably still smell the salty scent of the ocean lingering on the seafood from Ocean Gems. Taking only from the best around the world, every single piece is chosen, cleaned, processed and packed within a few hours of emerging from the ocean, so that its natural taste and freshness is sealed. Forget preservatives or chemicals – everything from Ocean Gems is premium quality with the freshest flavours. In line with our commitment to product excellence, we have lined up a list of initiatives.

Scallops, prawns, crabmeat are just some of the offerings that you’ll find. What’s even better is that we’ve done all the hard work for you, so just take what you need and let your culinary imagination go wild!

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Masterpiece by Indoguna

Our Masterpiece range of dim sum and ready to use products boast high quality creations of an artisan’s passion. Combining the best ingredients in well tested formulas of exact proportions with quality-controlled production processes, the result is a range that brings inspirations to titillate and satisfy each taste and palate. Whether it is a dumpling, a pau or spring roll, we take pride to craft and deliver an unparalleled range of premium, flavourful yet convenient dim sum and ready to use products promised to delight.

Our products are, literally, Masterpieces in their own league.

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C'est Bon! by Indoguna

Working closely with leading pastry and bakery producers, C’est Bon range of tart shells, cones, pastries and baked goods are meticulously handcrafted from the finest ingredients. Designed to value-add any menu, we give great attention to the details at every stage, from creating a range of sizes, shapes and flavours, down to the perfect packaging.

Promising delicious flavour of perfect texture, every product delivered is sure to be that good, C’est Bon.

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Maxzi The Good Food Shop

“Maxzi The Good Food Shop is an online store in the UAE, bringing Affordable Healthy Good Food Closer to you. Our aim is nothing short of providing the best food available in terms of quality, wholesome yet affordable to the community.”

Maxzi was created with a simple philosophy: Only the BEST is good enough. We believe food should be honest, fresh, wholesome yet affordable. Our selections of great foods include non-GMO, artfully crafted ingredients, locally grown and organic produce, meats, poultry and seafood from ranchers with ethical animal welfare standards, artisanal charcuterie all chosen with deliciousness and nutrition top of mind.

We are bringing Maxzi The Good Food Shop to Singapore. Keep an eye on for more information!
Maxzi Online (Singapore) is now available on HonestBee Singapore.


Al Shafar Investment Building,
Al Quoz 1,P.O. Box 126113,
Dubai ,United Arab Emirates
T: +971 4 395 3988

Retail Store

Ground Floor,
Al Shafar Investment Building,
5a Street, Al Quoz 1
Dubai, United Arab Emirates

From full-blood Wagyu beef to farmed caviar, truffles and even artisanal cheeses, everything is now just a mouse click away.
In fact, we know that food is a universal language that everyone understands (and loves to indulge in), and why settle for something that isn’t quite what you’re looking, when you can have the best that even the experts want?

That’s what you’ll find with where there’s a wide variety of fine gourmet produce – without the fine gourmet prices. This means anyone at home, and with access to a computer, now has the choice of re-creating all the mouth-watering recipes they’ve come across with no difficulty at all.

Just Meat

“A good meal starts with the right ingredients, and at Just Meat, we know what it takes to make sure every meal you cook or serve starts right. We have the knowledge, the passion, the experience and the dedication to provide you the best quality food and give you all the reasons to bring a smile to your loved ones by sharing just meat with them.”

At Just Meat, we pride ourselves in providing the best possible quality of meats and poultry, freshly imported directly from Australia, USA, Singapore and Dubai, etc. We ensure our quality selection comes from animals that have not been fed with growth promotants or added hormones to their feed.

This in turn provides our consumers peace of mind when enjoying their meats. They can be sure that every piece of meat is free from any potential risk to their health and especially to children.


Just Meat Co. Ltd.
G/F, 45B Hau Wong Road
Kowloon City, Kowloon, Hong Kong
T: +852 2382 2026
F: +852 3513 8331