Our Team

We work hard, because we know you love great food just as much as we do. So get to know our team at Indoguna a little better.

Helene Raudaschl, Managing Director
My love for food and wine can’t be described in a few sentences. The only thing I could say that by physically... more

Farid Effendy, Director
What’s there not to love about working here? It’s all about food – and I love food!... more

Low Bee Hong, General Manager
Truthfully I’d only intended to stay with Indoguna for two years, but seven years later... more

Jason Chong, Assistant General Manager
Branding is all about instilling culture and values… more

Texximond Thong, Director - Logistics / Project Management
At Indoguna we lead, we don't follow. This is what I've learned when I joined the co... more

Walter Schiele, Corporate Master Butcher
“My position of Master Butcher gives me the opportunity to develop new... more

Thomas Ng, Director of Sales
Having been with the company for almost 17 years now, I feel a real connection to my job... more

Joelle Goh, Director of Sales
Through the years I’ve been given many opportunities to grow with the company, and our customers... more

Mo Melwani, Director of Sales
What can I say… as F&B is my single biggest passion, it’s a pleasure... more

Michael Chua, Senior Sales Manager
I’ve been working at Indoguna now for just over four years, and I find the daily challenges... more

Irene Ng, Senior Sales Manager
I've joined Indoguna in 2001 and since then I've seen the expansion... more

Angela Sim, Sales Manager
My passion for the food industry grows fonder each and every day... more

Melissa Ng, Sales Manager, Beverage Division
I constantly embrace new frontiers and relish fresh challenges... more

John Murgatroyd, Brand Manager
I am proud to be a part of such a prestigious award winning... more

Alma Fortin, Brand Manager, Carne Meats Division
I am proud to be a part of such a prestigious award winning... more

SzeHua Low, Sales Manager, Bakery Division
Indoguna is my family, and baking is my passion... more

Mauro Pusterla, Business Development Manager
I am proud to be a part of such a prestigious award winning... more

Rafi Joshua, Business Development Manager
I have always loved food and wine. Indoguna is where my worlds... more

Gregory Tan, Retail Manager
Being in the retail industry for 10 years, joining Indoguna gives me... more

Loy Yok Li, Manager, Logistic
My current management role is a great and fulfilling challenge... more

Jeffery Kong, Production Manager
“Singapore is exciting for its culinary vibrancy, and there is a great privilege in working with the market leader... more

Kethy Li, Marketing Communications Manager
Nothing brings people together like good food! My fascination for food starts... more

Katherine Kok, Quality Assurance Manager
I am honored and proud to work for Indoguna and to be part of this... more

Jeffrey Teng, Customer Service Manager
Having seen the company grow and establish through the nine plus... more

Edmund Thng, Human Resources Manager
“I believe that a safe, fair and challenging work environment helps… more

Iris Au, Finance Manager
I’ve been taking care of all the numbers for Indoguna for the past six years, and although... more

Esther Lim, Procurement Manager
Establishing good relationships with the suppliers is the main focus of my job. I want to... more

Angeline Ee, Import & Export Manager
It is my job to ensure all our imports are done in a timely and efficient manner... more

Ken Loh, System & IT Manager
“It's easy to lose track of just how fast technology advances these days... more

Here at Indoguna, we value the hard work of our team members. It is our second nature to recognise staff that go the extra mile for both internal and external customers. We are proud to present you with our exceptional team members:

The Indoguna Team!
Our entire team works hand in hand to offering our customers the finest produce the world has to offer.

Rosmina Limbara, Sales Admin Supervisor
Working for close to 10 years in Indoguna, Rosmina ... more

Koh Guek Liang, Senior Purchasing Officer
Working for over 14 years in Indoguna, Guek Liang excels... more

Alson Tan, Assistant Purchasing Manager
Alson provides ongoing support to all internal and external customers by always ensuring... more

Chio Guat Pin, Customer Service Executive
With just a mere 1.5 years of service with Indoguna to date, Guat Pin has proven that customer relationship servicing... more

Sheila Majeed, Senior Customer Service Executive
Having been with Indoguna for 4 years, Sheila is an outstanding employee... more