Arla Mozzarella Training 2018

added on 31.08.18

Though commonly used for pizza toppings, Arla's Mozzarella is great for hot sandwiches, baked rice, breads and pies, or even Korean-style Cheese Pot.

The taste, stretch and browning of Arla's Mozzarella were not only affected by the cooking application but also the shape of its cuts. Available in large block, readily shredded and small coarser strips (sticks), each cut produces a different appearance during our bake test. Find the perfect cut for your recipes.

Throwback to last Thursday, it was a pleasure to have our chef representative from Arla for the insightful sharing and a big thank you to Collin's Grille for hosting us and firing our pizzas in their wood-fired oven.

For more highlights of the event, kindly click on the following link:
Photos of the Event