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  • 02.08.21

    FSAPME issue 3

    Check out our3rd resilient issue!

    This edition focuses on how we have adapted to the changing world around us and how FSAPME has shown resilience and great adaptability over the last 18 months of global pandemic.

  • 08.04.21

    FSAPME issue 2

    Check out our 2nd smashing issue!

    Keep in touch with all the latest FOODSERVICE APME business news.

  • 20.01.21

    Grade “A” Certification for 10 Consecutive Years

    Indoguna is proud to be recognised for our Food Safety Excellence Performance by the Singapore Food Agency for achieving 10 consecutive years of “A” grades.

    This recognition bears the efforts that our Indoguna team members have put in the past…

  • 06.01.21

    Introducing Andros Chef!

    Introducing Natural Fruit Ingredients

    Sweetened puree  |  Unsweetened Puree  |  High Compote  |  IQF Fruits

    Natural products have always been the essences of Andros. The needs and desires of chefs drive us to achieve greater heights.…

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