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  • 07.06.19

    Opus X Meat Collaboration

    What a terrific night we had at the X Meat Collaboration with Opus Bar & Grill and a hearty beef platter from Rosedale Ruby!

  • 31.05.19

    Mayura Wins The Grand Champion Wagyu Brand!

    Congratulations to Mayura Station for crowning The Grand Champion Wagyu Brand!

  • 17.05.19

    La Rose Noire Virtual Tour

    La Rose Noire brought us on a virtual tour to their production facilities in Clark Freeport, the Philippines. Seeing every single product carefully hand-crafted with care, we trust that each is made of quality for chefs.

  • 13.05.19

    HOFEX 2019

    Thank you for supporting us at HOFEX 2019!

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