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  • 07.11.19

    RAS Epicurean Star Award 2019

    We are proud to support the best of Singapore’s culinary scene for this year’s Star Chef 2019 Competition.

  • 01.10.19

    Arla Pro Training 2019

    Arla’s commercial chef, Chef Ryan was in Singapore to share more about the qualities and applications of Arla Pro’s improved recipes for Whipping Cream and Whip & Cook.

  • 19.07.19

    Felchlin Demo 2019

    Felchlin’s Corporate Chef Lionel Tissot was with us in Singapore to show the many uses of Felchlin’s products.

  • 11.07.19

    Chefs For A Cause 2019

    It’s been terrific for us to be part of this year’s Chefs For A Cause; bringing good food and good people together for a good cause.

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